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Hamilton Palace is a new mansion house being constructed on a private 100 acre estate in the Sussex countryside. It is the largest private house to be built in Britain in the last 100 years.

The building and works to the Estate, which were expected to take 20 years to complete, were for Mr Nicholas van Hoogstraten - an international financier frequently featured in the media. The planning permission was granted in 1987 and the final planning legal agreement was signed in 1994. Part of the house was due to be ready for occupation by 2000, but work ceased after disputes arose between the Client and the contractors 6 months after we had finished work on the project.

Unfortunately, the house may never be finished as in July 2000 the Client was convincted of manslaughter of a business associate and was sentenced to 10 years in prision. An appeal is pending. The case received international media attention.

The new house was designed by Anthony Browne and will have a façade longer than Buckingham Palace. The house replaces a derelict mansion that stood on the same site but was damaged by fire in 1983. A J Browne Co. acted as Project Managers and Architects on the construction of the house.

As well as the main house, a Boathouse 'Folly' was built which follows the same design principles as the Main House.

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